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Gift Cards

Perfect For Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Christmas & Mother’s Day

Give your family and friends something they really want – Choose a The Pashmina Shawl Shop Gift Card. We have a wide variety of affordable gift cards ranging from £10 up to £150.



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The Pashmina Shawl Shop Gift Cards

You can say what you want about our The Pashmina Shawl Shop gift cards, they make shopping for gifts or presents a lot easier.

The days of guessing what someone really wants is over. Surprise them by giving them a The Pashmina Shawl Shop gift card.

A The Pashmina Shawl Shop gift card makes a perfect gift for any occasion. The receiver of the gift card will be sent a exclusive code that gives them the full amount of the gift card. The receiver can use the full amount all at once or just use part of the amount over say 2 separate pashmina orders…so it really is a gift that can be kept on giving.