Enjoy Being Bohemian? That Too with a Wedding Shawl?

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Enjoy Being Bohemian? That Too with a Wedding Shawl?

How are you planning to drape the wedding shawl on your big day? Going by the trends of 2018 bridal scenario – bohemian style is very much in! The craze for this style has reached to such an extent that according to the UK Bridal Survey Report 2017, close to 10% brides look for a bohemian themed wedding. Hence, for the experimental brides and bridesmaids – draping pashmina in a bohemian way is the ‘style of the moment’.

Now the question arises – which bohemian style would suit the church wedding? Also, will there be a difference in styles for a church and a beach style wedding? For all those who are looking to attend a wedding or are being united in this holy union in some time, scroll down and read up, to jazz in your pashmina style!

Bohemian styles wedding wraps for the wedding

Here are some of the wedding destinations and the bohemian styles that one can choose. The styles are suitable for the bride as well as her entourage – check out now!

  • Double wrap bridal shawl in contrasting colour

Take up the combo of peach and turquoise or brown and gold and tie it up at the back. Now, each drape will be of different colour.

For bride:

In case the bride chooses gold and brown wedding shawl, then it would go best with a high-neck white bridal gown. With gold on one side and brown on the other, the husband as well as guests will see a truly stylish bride entering for the holy union.

For bridesmaids:

This combo could specifically go for the bridesmaids. They can choose lilac-pink or green-ivory combo with their off-white gowns and carry a bunch of orchids to enhance this look.

  • Belting up the pashmina

For all the bohemian and funky brides – choosing to belt a wedding pashmina is a great style statement. Take a pashmina and fold in into a half. Now, drape it like a towel and belt it up. Add a brooch on one side to complete this look.

For bride:

This belted pashmina look will go best with a gown that has a V cut at the back. In case one wishes to add on to this fun, a temporary love tattoo is a great idea. Shawls in burgundy, coral, beige and camel hues are ideal for this look.

  • Putting the shawl from one end to another

For bridesmaids:

This is a look strictly for bridesmaids. Where the bride can drape a pashmina wedding shawl in a normal style from behind, bridesmaids and close friends can give it a twist.

One can style this shawl like an Indian dupatta, by taking it from one end of the shoulder and finally tying it near one’s waist. Mostly, deep shades as – red, orange, purple, green and blue will suit this style. The funky touch? Add danglers to lose ends of this shawl and try out tribal chokers minus make-up!

  • Noose wrap with a chain hanging on the back!

For bride:

This is another strict bohemian bridal look that one can try. To perfect this Grace Kelly style, one has to double fold one’s bridal shawl – once lengthwise and then breadthwise. Now, one has to insert this shawl through a loop that is on the folded side. This style goes perfect with a backless bridal gown.

To enhance this bohemian style, ditch diamonds and choose out wooden jewellery and heavy make-up. Make sure to hang a silver chain at the back of your gown to complete this look.

For the after party!

For all those looking to attend the post wedding occasions in maxi or short dresses, they can use the pashmina wedding shawl as a belt with some chokers, danglers or chunk hand cuffs as add-ons.

Just make sure that the reports which came up last year about fake pashmina wedding wraps being sold are not reported again. Check out the credentials of the seller before finalising.

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